Rhyll Mangrove Boardwalk


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Lime Burner's Beach Walk

Where once a coastal town nicknamed " little piece of Cornwall" thrived and exported burnt lime to build houses in Melbourne, now lies a charming little cove with clear blue waters.


Walkerville South is a little crescent shaped piece of coast line that overlooks Wilsons Promontory, the most southernly tip of mainland Australia. There are but a few homes dotted along the cliffs and its peaceful waters are home to many seabirds, seals, and humpback whales that journey up and down the coast. 

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Walking under the Norfolk Pines

Tuross Head, N.S.W

While in New South Wales. it's hard not to fall in love with the Norfolk Pines.  It's a majestic, giant-sized tree that screams of the tropics, originating from small Norfolk Island situated between New Zealand and New Caledonia.  

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Enthralling Weekend of Classic Boats.....

While spending a weekend recently in East Gippsland, to do something as mundane as getting the old jalopy serviced, we decided to head a further 16kms to Paynesville for the morning, only to find we had stumbled upon the "Paynesville Classic Boat Rally," completely by accident!


The rally, which only began in 2016, is a celebration of the boating history and lifestyle of the Gippsland Lakes. The town was buzzing with activity and onlookers, like ourselves, from the very early hours of the morning, right up to the boat parade at 11am, where all the local, vintage and hand built boats were paraded.

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The Oldest Book and Longest Library in Dublin

Where to take the biggest little bookworm I know in the world? To the oldest book and longest library in Dublin. 


Even first thing in the morning, the line outside Trinity College in Dublin can be long (and drizzly), but thankfully there's a brilliantly placed coffee cart halfway down the line, where you can perk up and get your caffeine hit before you walk in.


The courtyard at Trinity is an experience in itself, with a beautiful kept lawn, buildings and small cobblestones to walk on, its entrance is memorable to say the least.


Like stepping back in time, its a hint of whats to come.

The Book of Kells

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A Room Full of Conversation

"High Tea" at the historic Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.

There's something very inspiring, especially for a writer, about the gentle clatter of cups and saucers, whirring of the old timber ceiling fans, smell of freshly baked scones and murmur of conversation, along with comfortable feeling and sense of knowing that this is always how this has been done at the Windsor Hotel in Spring Street Melbourne.


Serving one of Melbourne's oldest and perhaps most famous cup of tea, the Windsor Hotel has delighted over two million cake eaters and tea drinkers in the majestic tea room since 1887, one of which now includes me!

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Melbourne's Butterfly House

A heartening and unique immersive experience can be found at Melbourne Zoo, in its 32 year old tropical native Butterfly House.  Despite the many animal enclosures that the zoo is famous for, this little corner of the zoo, between the tigers and elephants was the star attraction for this small group of wanderers.


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Fairy Moon's Love Cave


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Blue Pool, Bermagui, NSW, Australia


The "Blue Pool" in the coastal town of Bermagui on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast, is a delightful scenic man-made pool to swim in, developed from a natural pool back in 1936.

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The Best $20 I've Spent While Overseas

Undoubtably having $20 on you (or local currency equivalent) is commonsense while travelling, especially if you are on your own.  Having $20 in a "just in case" fund or placed in a safe place on your body or tucked into the back of your wallet that you cannot touch for everyday purchases is certainly an unwritten "rule" for me.  


In my experience, when most travellers talk to me about the best money they have ever spent while overseas, usually down in the bar below the backpackers hostel, they say that the few dollars provided relief for either a vital or desperate need or a pampered experience that felt like a luxury after an extended period of time being deprived of that feeling.

And while I once had to make a mad dash halfway across a country once to collect a passport I'd left behind on an airplane, I'm opting for the pampered feeling! 

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Beautiful Backyard: A House with it's Own Tropical Paradise...

Narooma South, NSW.

Imagine if this was your backyard view:

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Tahune Airwalk, Tasmania

Tasmania is a state that has much to offer visitors in the winter time. With vast world heritage listed forests it provides a wonderful escape for the nature lover. While visiting for a 10 day tour of the whole of the state, we found Tahune Airwalk, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions. 

Located in Geevston in the southern area of Tasmania, which is also famous for its produce, namely apples, the Tahune Airwalk features many of Tasmania's unique Huon Pines, which have a glorious and distinctive aroma.  The park has a 20 minute ground level walk over boardwalks through the Huon Pines and across the Huon River below. There are also two cable foot bridges that cross over the Huon and Picton Rivers.

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Callington Mill, Tasmania

Georgian Town.

Callington Mill in Tasmania is a must-see if you are near Hobart and travelling around. Its in Oatlands, right in the midlands of Tasmania, which is a Georgian town, that hails back to the convict and early settlement era of Australian colonialism. The mill was built in 1837 and is the only working (Lincolnshire tower) mill of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Lake Bonney, Barmera, South Australia

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Five Special Date Nights you could only have in Melbourne City.......




With Melbourne being one of the most liveable cities in the world it's no surprise that it's also one of the most date-able! Make your first date memorable by having a look at these following ideas, tried and tested, guaranteed to be pleasant, even if your date's not! You might even get a goodnight kiss at the end of it for your efforts!





1) Visit the Penguins – at the Saint Kilda Beach Breakwater. You can watch the penguins arrive back home every night of the year along the breakwater. Volunteer penguin guides operate an information service during daylight savings.  As well as seeing the penguins, you can have a long romantic stroll along the breakwater, while getting to know one another, and enjoy the sunset and scenery of Saint Kilda. For more information visit www.stkildapenguins.com.au.


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