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The Obsession for Coffee Continues at Sweet Brew Cafe

Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia

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Autumn Break or Autumn Broken....

What's happening down the red dirt road...

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Apple Tart - Gluten Free


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Rich Chocolate Cake for Easter

New spin on this "Great Depression" cake, which is easy to make from basic pantry staples, that you always will have on hand.

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Frolicking in the Fairy Dell


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My Top 5 Memories of 2017


So hello 2018! It's here, we've all just rung it in, kissed and hugged everyone in reach at that exact moment, made the resolutions, filled out our planners, created our bucket lists, ate (all) the leftovers, as well as too many prawn crackers. Another year awaits us, but it's nice to have this lovely summer break first.There's a whole 364 days ahead of us to get things done! Yippee! 

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Country Christmas

As the dust settles after the flurry of present giving and incessant pavlova making, the turkey is (almost) all eaten, and it's finally time to sit down, we'll enjoy some quiet time here in the hills.

Gilly our little cockatoo friend
Gilly our little cockatoo friend

I love Christmas in the country. This year we dug up our own potatoes, enjoyed lots of fruit and fresh berries, and cooked a stellar turkey prepared by our local butcher. While the gift giving, consumerism and preparations aren't really my cup of tea, I do love to cook a big meal and share it with family and friends, making memories is the best thing about the whole holiday to me.

 This year the wild birds have been visiting, the gooseberries fruited, providing awesome jam making opportunities, it has been wetter and the garden is flourishing.


A large basket of goodies was made with jams, lemon squash and fresh herbs which were offered to all that popped in for a visit, and was emptied before too long. 

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Walk like an Egyptian Walking Onion

After a couple of years of unsuccessfully trying to grow onions from commercial seed, I've gotten on to a heritage seed from way back that gives you prolific onions and so much more...its's really true that the old varieties are the best!


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