Copywriting & P.R Services

As a Journalist and writer, is my job to highlight businesses and individuals through storytelling. 


If  finding the right words to say about yourself and your business is causing worriment, then as a writer of copy for over 16 years, I can help you craft the right message that you can send out into the world, with merriment. 


Writing copy is individual and a unique pursuit, so every piece crafted is tailored to your needs as a personality, celebrity or business.  

Let's tell your story.


All projects are quoted and priced individually to suit each creative project.


Typically, my hourly rate is $95.00.


For bigger projects that include intensive writing work, 5-hour "tasking blocks" of time are available at a competitive rate of $275.00 ($55 per hour).


Contact directly through email or website to discuss a writing project and receive a quote. 


All projects include:

  • Tailored consultation, conducted in person or by phone / video call.
  • Timeline Calendar - deadlines. 
  • Research and further reading.
  • 1st draft for feedback.
  • Up to 2 x revisions
  • Proofreading.
  • Final Version.
  • Sent to local/national media if Public Relations exercise, and liaise with media.

Services that can help you to connect:

  • Biographies and profiles for creatives and business people.
  • Copy for websites.
  • Social Media Stories.
  • Accomodation Copywriting.
  • Music / Art Copywriting.
  • Tourism Copywriting.
  • Public Relations / Media Release Copy. 
  • Ghost writing.
  • Feature Articles.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • Copy for Technical Booklets inc. Annual Reports, Guide Books, Course Guides, etc.
  • and more.......

All bookings are powered by ScheduleOnce and available time slots can be booked when I send my personalised link direct to you.

Business Mentoring Sessions.

Need to grow your business, either online or in the community? In doubt about which avenues of marketing you need your business to be engaging in? Need PR planning to take your next step in Business? These sessions are ideal for small, medium or large business, enterprises, and innovative individuals alike. 


In this personalised session I examine how you are currently doing  and then build on your strategies to identify what kind of marketing, promotional, social media, and advertising mediums are most cost effective and best suited to your business. 


Focus includes Marketing and PR Planning, Special Creative Projects and Self-Promotion.


This one hour session is $110, you will receive a tailored, actionable written report after the session for your reference.

Project Examples:

Lets Collaborate:

If you have a special project and need help to make a difference and get your message out there, then please contact me. I work on projects from anywhere from 1 month to 12 months, depending on whats needed. 

Please don't hesitate to start the conversation, new ideas and innovation are the keystones to our communities.