Iconic Music Venue Overwhelmed By “The Corona’s” Fans in Small Melbourne Pub

This week popular Irish band "The Corona's" played a one-off show in Sydney and announced dates for their upcoming Australian Tour in November 2018. As a Saint Patricks day celebration on the blog I revisited an article that I wrote in November 2017, when they last played at Melbourne's iconic Corner Hotel ...........

Australian fans thoroughly enjoyed a rare treat, an intimate night with “The Corona’s”, on the last leg of their Australian tour, as they left their musical mark on Melbourne’s most iconic music venue “The Corner Hotel” in Richmond.


On one of the balmiest evenings Melbourne has seen in a while, the crowd eagerly anticipated the night ahead. 


The benefits of being an ex-pat ensured the loyal had their tickets in hand, as half the line waiting to get in were sent over to the ticket box to hastily purchase the last few. The excitement in the air was tingling, everyone glad to see a popular Irish act, which have been few and far between in the town over the last couple of years, amazed at the prospect of enjoying a close up pub show instead of a sold out Olympia theatre.


Whisperings inside the venue as it filled up, was that there was quite the line of people waiting to get in, and it was debatable if they would fit everybody in. It was clear since their last show two years ago, that the Irish had come out in force and this time had also brought their Aussie counterparts along with them.


The Dublin boys kicked off the show as enthusiastically as the crowd, launching into the first set with professional gusto, Danny O’Reilly stopped after just 2 songs in to tell the crowd it “already felt like it was going to be a special night,” for them and exclaiming “we are all melting in the heat, but sure we’ll all melt together!” In fact, bottles of water had to be handed out to the audience by security during the night. 


The band belted out their original songs from their first album, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, including “as gaelige” version of “Heroes and Ghosts, in which he sang along with the crowd with his acoustic guitar, as well as their very latest single “Give Me a Minute,” in which he serenaded them on the keyboard.


If the thousands of kilometres they had travelled from city to city in Australia had taken their toll on the boys, they didn’t show it, providing an energetic end to a hot and sweaty week for many. They had taken in the 3 cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in as many days, flying over 7,000km from Perth that very day to hit the stage on Sunday evening.


The discreet grey colonial style pub has been showcasing local and international live music for over 80 years, and is an important right of passage for any rock musician looking to create credibility within the Melbourne music scene. It’s seen the likes of Mick Jagger, White Stripes, The Black Keys, Blink 182, Powderfinger, Midnight Oil and even Hozier grace its band room stage over the years. 


The pub’s reputation is well respected by front man Danny O’Reilly, who spent time in Melbourne as a lad, enjoying the local live music Melbourne had to offer.

He thanked the staff profusely and voiced his gratitude at being able to play there many times over the last few years.  


He told Melbourne indie “Beat Magazine” earlier that week that they were proud to take their latest album to Australia and he hinted at the prospect of touring again in the New Year.  The Coronas have now announced a Australian Promo Tour for 2018, and a concert for Sydney fans in March at “The Basement”.


The brilliant night was wrapped up with a lively 30-minute encore, surely cementing The Corona’s place in the historical line up of the Corner Hotel’s discography of performers, the audience most likely departing in the knowledge that next time they see the boys in Melbourne it will probably be on a  bigger stage.