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Egyptian Walking Onions seeds Top-sets

This is for one “top set” which will contain 4-6 bulbs you can break off to sow. More info and planting guide on my website . Shipping to Australia only except for WA and TAS due to quarantine restrictions.


They are also know as "Tree Onions", "Egyptian Tree Onions", "Winter Onions" and "Perennial Onions". They are called tree onions because instead of the bubils that grow on the top of the plant grow green leaves and the whole plant looks like a small little tree. These onions also grow bulbs from the base as well, this may be due to the vigorous red dirt I have in my garden!


Uses for these onions are plentiful, you can use every last bit of the plant! You can snip the green tops to use like chives when young, spring onions as they get older, use the bulbils as a garlic substitute and then also the bulb itself. These onions, as with all onions, make a great barrier round the bottom of trees to ward off against pests.


They will grow in any well drained soil and if you dig in compost (or horse manure a few weeks before planting) you will get bigger bulbs.


You can plant these little gems from Autumn to late winter, with the top poking out of the ground, ideal job to do with the kids, my 3 year old managed it fine as the seed bulbs are nice and big for little hands. Best of all they are easy to grow, leave them for 6-8 months and they will do their own thing!



Rule of thumb is to plant onions on the shortest day of the year (21 June) and harvest them on the longest day (21 December), but with these onions you can safely leave them in the ground all year if you wish.


Thanks for viewing and enjoy your time in the garden. All the best!


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