The Obsession for Coffee Continues at Sweet Brew Cafe

Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia

You may have noticed on the main street of Trafalgar that locally run “Obsession Coffee House” recently changed hands from Brett and Phoebe Hicks to new owner Lisa Somerville. While the name has changed to the bright red and vibrant “Sweet Brew Café”, both Lisa and Phoebe say the philosophy of the café of “Community, Coffee and Connection” remains intact.


Coming from farming families in Central and Northern Victoria and living in Elsternwick, the Hicks family decided to move to Trafalgar in August 2007.  Brett joined his nephew Maris Romans, who had just opened the café called “Obsession” and they were warmly welcomed to join the business.


“Our business grew, and so did our family.  We leapt in feet first and with our four children have integrated into the community through running the café,” said Phoebe. 

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My Top 5 Memories of 2017


So hello 2018! It's here, we've all just rung it in, kissed and hugged everyone in reach at that exact moment, made the resolutions, filled out our planners, created our bucket lists, ate (all) the leftovers, as well as too many prawn crackers. Another year awaits us, but it's nice to have this lovely summer break first.There's a whole 364 days ahead of us to get things done! Yippee! 

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How To Dedicate Fridays to your B2B Peers


Twitter Engagement

Some research shows up to 18% spike in engagement on Fridays compared to Tues-Thurs. (Mashable)


People want to talk on Fridays

Research shows that people start to "Mentally check out" on Friday afternoons and transitioning to a more social state for the weekend. People are willing to have conversations on Fridays.


Say Hi

Its a great time to have a casual conversation, share industry news, help or acknowledge a client before the weekend. Nothing too heavy though, thats for Monday mornings! 

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Hashing out Hashtags.



What is a Hashtag?


A short selection of words preceded by a # symbol, which is then used as a reference tool by audiences when using social media.




Why Use a Hashtag with your Content?

It creates a point of reference for your own content online, so that it is ultimately easier for people to find you, buy your products, and start conversations.

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My New Mantra: Social Media Monday

Our Service

Why Monday? 

Worldwide spike in social media user activity on Mondays.

(*hootsuite research stats)


Planning and Presence

Schedule posts Monday to Monday, then be present online on Mondays to interact, while you plan and schedule all your posts. 



Use the day to research and add followers, interact and acknowledge new fans. 


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Lake Bonney, Barmera, South Australia

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Something Sweet and Retro

 New Gippsland retro food van business "Sweet Betsy" is on the road and ready to hit towns all over the countryside.  Established by sisters Kirsty Brooks and April Patton, and close friend Lindy Kennon (based in Warragul), "Sweet Betsy" promises great coffee and sweet treats.  


Sweet Betsy has been a labour of love for all three ladies and their families, with the retro caravan being completely refurbished, then kitted out with kitchen and appliances, tailoring the space for them to use as they work out on the road. You can follow the refurbishment and see before and after shots on their Facebook page. 

 The ladies already have booked seven events and have had great success at their most recent events. 

As well as great coffee, cakes, scones and sweet treats, they also sell chutneys, relishes, jams and special gift packs to take home.

If you are interested in booking Sweet Betsy, please follow them on Facebook.

Or visit their website at : 

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Why DIY Marketing Doesn't Work


Just because someone once told you were entrepreneurial and "internet savvy", doesn't mean that you are savvy enough.  An acupuncturist is no more a marketing guru than a welder. A Marketing Specialist is the only marketing guru. Nothing compares to working with a qualified consultant that has a great track record.


When you are immersed in every facet of your business you cannot be objective, you're too absorbed in the running of your business. In this sense, you cannot be strategic. Effective strategic planning only comes from an unbiased perspective from outside your business.


 Marketers are creative people with insights into human behaviour in relation to sales and message marketing. Marketers can help you identify customer needs and ensure the right age group are being targeted.  

They do this all with creative flair, wrapping up your talent in an invisible package and delivering it to your clients mindset. Persuasion and Psychology is key. 

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