Fairy Moon's Love Cave


When you head up to the Alpine region of East Gippsland, and into the Buchan Caves, you don't expect to delve into the real life fairytales that hide down in the darkness. These tales are just as spectacular as the shimmering limestone caves themselves. 


The Buchan Caves are a group of limestone caves that include the "Royal Cave" and the "Fairy Cave", they have a total length of between 3 and 4 km and includes six entrances.  Daily tours highlight the caves house calcite-rimmed pools that sparkle like glitter and the fairy cave feature stalactites and stalagmites.  The caves are lit right up in places and hold a constant temperature of 17°C all year-round. There are caves that are for "permit only" cavers also surrounding the two main caves.


The caves were marked it as a reserve in 1887, but it wasn't until 1907 that a man named Frank Moon ventured down through the cracks and discovered the glistening caves dripping with fresh water and, also it was rumoured that he caught mountain trout in there! 


An enterprising fellow, Moon, relayed his discoveries to the press and he was granted funding by the government for further exploration of the cave.


Moon turned his beloved caves into a major tourist attraction, he was passionate about this, and his wife Sabina and their nine children, lived in a house on the cave reserve.


An incredible amount of work from installing stone stairs into the caves, to creating a cave-water fed swimming pool and glorious pathways around the reserve are still enjoyed today not to mention the beautiful shady American and Canadian trees planted in the hills, are enjoyed by all who visit.


He named his eldest daughter "Fairy Moon" after the cave. She was then married rather glamorously in front of 50 guests in the cave to Francis James Hansford, a cave guide, and then they also had nine children. Stories of the wedding made for exciting press coverage, one guest revealing the bride had to walk down the steep stairs carrying the long train of her wedding dress as she went down.


The moon family also had racehorses with such names as Royal Cave, Cave Girl, Cave King and Cave Queen.


The Moon's lived incredibly long lives, Frank moon retiring at age 60.


Fairy Moon's son was named "Cave". He was also involved in the Buchan Caves and was 86 when he passed away just a few years ago. He also had nine children.


There are speculation that there is something special in the cave water, providing virility and long lives to cave dwellers.

"My cousin, Mrs.
Frank Hansford (Miss Fairy
Moon) was married at Buchan
about 20 years ago. She is the
eldest daughter of the discoverer
of the Buchan Caves, Mr. Frank
Moon, who is my uncle. Her
sister, Queenie, was bridesmaid,
and Mr. Eric Woodgate was
best man. The bridesmaid and
best man have since married,
but not in the caves."
-(Mrs.) A. P. SPENCE, Grattan place.
(Letter to the Editor, ARGUS Magazine) 
*Photo taken from Wikipedia

The caves are situated on the Buchan Caves Camping Reserve, with access to beautiful walks and the nearby snowy River National Park. You can hear the beautiful birds singing, including bellbirds and lyrebirds, there are over 60 species of birds in the park.
There are campsites, cabins, picnic and barbecue facilities, toilets and showers, playground, Parks Victoria shop and info centre, and of course the cave big swimming pool among the trees.

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First published: 03 April 2017


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    writing service (Thursday, 15 June 2017 23:21)

    Everyone here has a different point of view but I know everyone like this article.I must admit that you share one of the best information I have read.Really your blog is very interesting…. it contains great and unique information. I enjoyed to visiting your blog. It’s just amazing…. Thanks very much

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    Gail (Friday, 04 January 2019 04:32)

    It would be better if your information was correct. Frank Moon never caught a mountain trout in the Caves. When she was martied, Fairy Moon didnt have to carry a long train down stairs, she got dressed in the Fairy cave and her son Cave was never involved in the caves, they lived in Lindenow.

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    Eimear (Friday, 04 January 2019 04:42)

    Thanks Gail for your information and clarifying a few things. As only a visitor to the caves I am no expert on its history. The tour guide enthusiastic relayed some of this information, which may be embellished for the sake of tourism and provide theatre to the tour I guess. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learning about the Moons. Thanks again and all the best.